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99 Astonishing Cities and Civilizations Found in the Bible

Museum of the Bible Books


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99 Astonishing Cities and Civilizations Found in the Bible  

Author: Museum of the Bible Books 

Why do some ancient cities remain while others have disappeared? Explore the ruins of Timgad, an ancient colonial Roman city in current-day Algeria. Visit Hattusa, the capital of the Hittite Empire in the seventeenth-century B.C. Experience amazing discoveries from the ancient world. Explore fascinating stories about a Jewish community in China which developed in the 1100s. This compelling book delivers authentic photographs, credible detailed descriptions with beautiful maps, and profound insights into ancient cities and places from the Bible.

Publisher: Worthy Publishing 
ISBN: 9781945470035
112Pages / Publication Date: 20170919
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Subject: REL036000-RELIGION / Inspirational,

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