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12 Things Jesus Said about Money



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12 Things Jesus Said about Money  

Author: B&H Editorial Staff 

Money is something we handle every day. But how deeply does the Bible inform what we do with it? If we truly want to honor the Lord in how we use it, should we be giving most of it away? Is money basically a necessary evil—a constant temptation in our pocket? Are we wrong for wanting to take vacations with our families, for example, when we could be giving that money to others in need?

Instead of just letting you read up on the answers to questions like these, this book presents them in a richly informative and inspiring devotional experience. As you daily explore 12 Things Jesus Said about Money, you’ll be learning and reinforcing new convictions, each of them grounded in what Jesus Himself taught. Not only will it clear up misconceptions or conflicting messages you may have heard over the years, it will help you express these same truths to your children, incorporate them into your ongoing decisions, and enjoy a new measure of freedom in your financial life.
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Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781683661603
Publication Date: 20170101

Subject: REL006080-RELIGION / Biblical Criticism & Interpretation / General,

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