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Upside Down

Mission Audio


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Upside Down :  How the Left has Made Right Wrong, Truth Lies, and Good Bad

Author: Mark Davis 

Fossil fuels are bad. Illegal immigration is necessary for the economy. Free markets are arbitrary and cruel. Christians are intolerant. Men and women are exactly the same.

The dogma preached by the far left has gone mainstream and the results are frightening: Most of what you hear these days is flat-out wrong. Mark Davis pulls apart the tenets of liberal dogma in Upside Down, a right-side-up correction of everything that's wrong with today's topsy=turvy world.
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Publisher: Mission Audio 
ISBN: 9781683660187
Publication Date: 20160815

Subject: POL042020-POLITICAL SCIENCE / Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism,REL084000-RELIGION / Religion, Politics & State

About The Author:

Mark Davis is the host of “The Mark Davis Show” on 660 AM in Dallas, Texas. His thirty years’ experience as a radio host has established him as a foremost conservative voice both locally and nationally, leading to his first book,Lone Star America: How Texas Can Save Our Country (2014). Mark writes a weekly column for The Dallas Morning News and makes frequent TV appearances on local stations and various news networks. On Fridays, Mark hosts Bill Bennett’s national radio show, “Morning in America.” Mark lives in Texas with his wife and children.

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