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To Walk in Sunshine

Barbour Books


To Walk in Sunshine :  Also Includes Bonus Story of The Train Stops Here by Gail Sattler

Author: Sally Laity, Gail Sattler 

Enjoy an historical romance from author Sally Laity as you journey into coal mining country of 1920s Pennsylvania. Ken Roberts, a coal miner, and Rosalind Gilbran, an Lebanese immigrant, develop a friendship that is forbidden by her Old World family. Also includes a bonus novel, The Train Stops Here by Gail Sattler, in which cultures clash between a hobo and the daughter of a man charged with sweeping the trains of freeloaders.
Related Product: 9781683221920

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781683221906
320Pages / Publication Date: 20170601

Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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