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Remarkable! :  Maximizing Results through Value Creation

Author: Randy Ross, David Salyers 

When it comes to qualities such as passion, enthusiasm, energy, and creativity, the majority of the American workforce could be described as "severely lacking." Too many people just go through the motions, viewing work as something they have to do rather than something they love to do. This translates into lackluster performance, lost opportunities, and a staggering loss of profits. So how does a team leader turn a business-as-usual team into a remarkable one?Remarkable! is an entertaining and enlightening business parable that has the power to turn any team around. Through the humorous and eye-opening story of Dusty, leaders will discover how to build a culture that inspires team members to bring the best of who they are to the table every day. Addressing the three dimensions of culture--values, beliefs, and behaviors--Remarkable! introduces readers to the Four Maxims of Value Creation: creativity, positivity, sustainability, and responsibility. It shows leaders the most effective ways to cultivate these qualities in their team members and how to craft a corporate culture where people can thrive.
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Publisher: Mission Audio 
ISBN: 9781633896314
Publication Date: 20160216

Subject: REL012090-RELIGION / Christian Life / Professional Growth,BUS046000-BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Motivational

About The Author:

Dr. Randy Ross is founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Remarkable! A master of cultural transformation, Dr. Ross has a unique understanding of employee engagement and offers practical solutions for increasing both team morale and performance. He has traveled throughout the United States and internationally as a speaker, consultant, and coach, building teams and developing leaders. He lives in Georgia.David Salyers is the vice president of national, regional, and local marketing for Chick-fil-A. As a passionate student of life and business, he has spent over thirty years seeing the principles in Remarkable! play out. Serving as a board member for numerous nonprofit organizations, along with for-profit startups, has convinced him that the principles of value creation are universally applicable. He lives in Georgia.

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