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Christian Science

Mission Audio


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Christian Science  

Author: Mark Twain 

Having just lost a daughter to meningitis, Mark Twain wrote this book out of outrage toward the Christian Science movement and its founder Mary Baker Eddy. This movement emphasized the effects of prayer on healing the body and relieving sicknesses and other ailments. Although the founder of Christian Science appears to be altruistic with good intentions, Twain saw fraudulence and greed. Using his humor and wit, Mark Twain picks apart the movement in hopes of opening eyes to its falsehood.

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Publisher: Mission Audio 
ISBN: 9781633894778
Publication Date: 20151115

Subject: FIC004000-FICTION / Classics,HUM014000-HUMOR / Topic / Religion

About The Author:

American author and lecturer, Mark Twain received universal acclaim for his accounts of youthful escapades. His writings are also known for pragmatism of place and language, unforgettable characters, and abhorrence of pretense and tyranny.

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