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Christians Get Depressed Too



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Christians Get Depressed Too  

Author: David Murray 

Many Christians mistakenly believe that true Christians don't get depressed, and this misconception heaps additional pain and guilt onto Christians who are suffering from mental and emotional distress. Author David P. Murray comes to the defense of depressed Christians, asserting that Christians do get depressed! He explains why and how Christians should study depression, what depression is, and the approaches caregivers, pastors, and churches can take to help those who are suffering from it. With clarity and wise biblical insight, Dr. Murray offers help and hope to those suffering from depression, the family members and friends who care for them, and pastors ministering to these wounded members of their flock.
I thank God for Dr. Murray's book. It has helped me immensely in learning and understanding the possible causes and cures for depression/anxiety, which have grabbed my innermost being at times in my life. The practical applications and clear writing for the layman are most helpful! This book chops away at the guilt that comes from being a Christian and depressed. I highly recommend this book. It has a place on my bookshelf to be read during those dark times of depression! --D.M., Ontario, Canada

I heartily commend this new and helpful book on depression and psychiatric illness. It is the condensed result of much reading and pastoral wisdom, digested into a few non-technical chapters. It is full of Christian love for those who suffer in this way and who need our utmost compassion and tactful sympathy. I wish I had known the things written in these pages when I was a much younger minister. --Maurice Roberts

When I was first diagnosed with depression, I was completely overcome by shame. I have a wonderful husband, five adorable children, and, most importantly, I have Christ. I thought then that real Christians DON'T get depressed. Dr. Murray s book, Christians Get Depressed Too, was recommended to me. As I read it, I cannot express the relief and comfort I received. For a little over a year I wondered if God had abandoned me, but after reading Christians Get Depressed Too, my faith was greatly strengthened, and I was reassured that God has not and never will forsake me. I thank Dr. Murray for the biblical and pastoral care in his book as well as the balanced approach he takes between the all physical, all spiritual, and all mental views concerning depression. During my depression, I felt as though I was drowning in the middle of the ocean, and this book was a life preserver to me. May God continue to use this book to uplift downcast spirits and glorify His name. --Jeni L, Grand Rapids, MI

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Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781633894587
Publication Date: 20150915

Subject: REL019000-RELIGION / Counseling,

About The Author:

Dr. David Murray is Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and Pastor of Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church.He is the author of Christians Get Depressed TooHow Sermons WorkJesus on Every PageThe Happy ChristianA Bundle of Joy: Six Books On Christian HappinessThe Christian MinistryThe Christian Life, and God's Mobile Home: Stories of Grace from the Tabernacle. He also blogs at HeadHeartHand.org.He is married to Shona and they have five children ranging from 2 to 19 years old. They love camping, fishing, boating, and skiing in the Lake Michigan area.

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