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What Happens When I Die?



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What Happens When I Die? :  And other questions about heaven, hell and the life to come

Series: Questions Christians Ask  
Author: Marcus Nodder 

We all have questions about death. Despite the strong assurance the Bible gives us about life beyond the grave, Christians are often troubled by other questions. What will happen on the day of judgement? Will we have bodies in heaven? Will there be rewards? These short, simple books are designed to help Christians understand what God has said about these questions in the scriptures. Suitable for all Christians - especially those with questions about death.
A great series and an excellent resource. Important issues tackled thoughtfully, carefully, thoroughly and biblically. You couldn't ask for anything more. So don't. Buy these and use them well. --Steve Timmis, Director Acts 29 Europe

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Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781633894143
Publication Date: 20160112

Subject: REL067030-RELIGION / Christian Theology / Apologetics,

About The Author:

Marcus Nodder is senior pastor of St Peter's Barge - A floating church in London's Canary Wharf which reaches out to workers in the financial district. He worked in banking before training for Christian ministry at Oak Hill College. He is married to Lina and has four children.

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