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Into the Den of Infidels



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Into the Den of Infidels :  Our Search for the Truth


To counteract Christian evangelism, Paul set out to expose the false teachings and corruption in the Torah and the Bible. Instead, this Muslim zealot found the true faith in Christ, who changed him, “He did what the God of Mohammed was unable to do.” Raised to hate Christians, never imagining that they could be right, Mozafar discovered something that shook his whole being. After years of intense research, he had no choice but to overcome his fears and face the truth-whatever the cost. After years of railing against God, Khalil was caught by a love that wouldn’t let him go. He cried out to God to know the truth: Who is this person anticipated by all nations by Jews, Christians and Muslims? Unable to bear the struggle any longer, he gave his heart to the One who filled his inner being with joy. Read the compelling stories of eight Muslims in Egypt - the intellectual capital of Islam — as they persevered until they discovered the truth.
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Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781633891739
Publication Date: 20150220

Subject: REL030000-RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Evangelism,REL116000-RELIGION / Religious Intolerance, Persecution & Conflict,BIO018000-BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Religious

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