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Room for Doubt (Library Edition)

Oasis Audio


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Room for Doubt (Library Edition) :  How Uncertainty Can Deepen Your Faith

Author: Ben Young 

Many people have questions about faith. Ben Young knows what it’s like to feel as if you’re alone in your doubts. In Room for Doubt, Ben offers:
An honest look at hard questions about God, the Bible, and faith
Examples of spiritual giants in Scripture and history who doubted
Insight into how to process uncertainty, suffering, and disappointment with God
Clarity on the difference between uncertainty and mystery
Encouragement about how doubt and faith go together
Ben invites you to let doubt become your ally, rather than your enemy. Discover how your questions can lead to a deeper, richer faith.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781631082559
Publication Date: 20170908
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Subject: REL012120-RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth,

About The Author:

Ben Young, DMin, is a teaching pastor at Houston’s Second Baptist Church. He is also an adjunct professor at Houston Theological Seminary, and the author of seven books, including Devotions for Dating Couples and Why Mike’s Not a Christian.

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