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A Sherlock Holmes Devotional

Shiloh Run Press


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A Sherlock Holmes Devotional :  Uncovering the Mysteries of God

Author: Trisha Priebe 

After a century, Sherlock Holmes mysteries still fascinate us—and this devotional will delight you with spiritual truths drawn from the pages of the classic detective stories. A Sherlock Holmes Devotional contains 60 entries drawn from the characters, stories, and events of the Holmes canon. From 221b Baker Street to Reichenbach Falls, from Irene Adler to the evil Dr. Moriarty, from the pipe to the violin, this book investigates the spiritual truths we can discern from this enigmatic fictional character—a brusque, stubborn, and arrogant man who also shows honor, trust, and self-sacrificing friendship. It’s a fascinating read for fans of the series—or those yet to meet the great detective!

Fans of Sherlock Holmes mysteries will love Priebe's collection of 60 devotions. Each one begins with something familiar to fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Priebe then uses the characters, stories, and events of those classic detective stories combined with lots of Scripture to offer readers sound teaching and inspiration for daily living.

I adore this devotional based on lessons from the works of Sherlock Holmes! Each chapter focuses on a particular quote, or a quality of Holmes and Watson, or one of their adventures, and weaves a similarity between that concept and the Christian life. Although Conan Doyle was not a notable Christian and Holmes is somewhat ambiguous about his beliefs, there are still lessons to be learned from the stories!

A Sherlock Holmes Devotional is a devotional made for the Christian mystery lover. All sixty mysteries are outlined and each has its own essential truth to go with it. Mysteries and Christianity go together you ask? I say yes! This wonderful devotional would work perfectly on a bedside stand or a desk, and as you read through the book you are working on your faith as you walk through the Bible. This devotional gives you a little boost for your devotions. Instead of slogging through your Bible reading, you are focused and solving the mysteries of the Bible; watching for every nuance and clue to solve the ultimate mystery, your faith in God. A Sherlock Holmes Devotional would be a great addition to a Bible study. Sherlock Holmes fans, mystery lovers and Bible study teachers will enjoy this book.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781630589127
320Pages / Publication Date: 20150701

Subject: REL012020-RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional,

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