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How Jesus Changed the World

Barbour Books


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How Jesus Changed the World :  An Illustrated Guide to the Undeniable Influence of Christ

Author: Christopher D. Hudson 

Even those who reject Jesus’ divinity must agree that He’s had a powerful influence on the world. . .and that’s the theme of this fascinating new reference book. How Jesus Changed the World is a thoughtful yet readable review of His effect on culture, social systems, law, education, health care, charity, even the arts. Covering the years from AD 100 to the present, this beautifully designed and illustrated volume will encourage you with the reality of Jesus’ life, teachings, and ultimate impact. . .and challenge those yet to believe to consider His claims.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781630587161
288Pages / Publication Date: 20160201

Subject: REL006710-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Jesus, the Gospels & Acts,

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