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The Complete Bible Handbook

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The Complete Bible Handbook :  Beautifully Illustrated, Readable Reference from the Author of Who's Who and Where's Where in the Bible

Author: Stephen M. Miller 

Here’s an easy, interesting, fun way to get to know your Bible: Read The Complete Bible Handbook, a beautifully illustrated guide to the highlights of God’s Word. Well-known for his readable Bible reference (including Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible and The Complete Guide to the Bible, each with more than a quarter million copies sold), Miller offers compelling, easy-to-digest insights on all 66 Bible books plus scores of contemporary life topics in a section entitled “What the Bible Says About. . .” Other sections—such as “How Did We Get the Bible,” “Tough Questions Atheists Ask,” and “What It Takes to Be a Christian” make Bible Handbook a one-stop library of vital information—and it’s all written in Miller’s breezy and balanced style.

Miller didn’t disappoint. Going book by book through the Scriptures, he provides background and insight to introduce the Bible to just about anyone—even someone who’s never read the Bible before. In fact, the Complete Bible Handbook seems designed for you or me to place it into the waiting hands of a new Christian, or into the backpack of a student who is just curious what this Bible thing is all about.

A hallmark of Miller’s books is the fascinating illustrations, photography, paintings, maps, and timelines. Definitely recommended as money wellspent for church libraries.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781630584603
512Pages / Publication Date: 20141101

Subject: REL006160-RELIGION / Biblical Reference / General,

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