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Heaven :  The Inside Story from the Bible: An Illustrated Reference on Heaven, Paradise, and the Afterlife

Author: Ed Strauss 

Everyone talks about heaven. . .but what is it really? Find out in Heaven Illustrated—The Inside Story from the Bible. Brand-new in Barbour’s Illustrated Bible Handbook Series, the beautifully illustrated guide refers to hundreds of scriptures—both Old and New Testament—to define exactly what heaven is and what it’s like. Written by apologetics expert Ed Strauss, Heaven Illustrated traces the Bible’s unfolding description of the afterlife, Paradise, the kingdom of heaven, God’s throne, the heavenly Jerusalem, and the new heavens and new earth. If you want to know what heaven’s all about, read Heaven Illustrated—The Inside Story from the Bible.


Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781630583446
304Pages / Publication Date: 20160601

Subject: REL006160-RELIGION / Biblical Reference / General,

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