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Calico Spy

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Calico Spy  

Series: Undercover Ladies  
Author: Margaret Brownley 

Pinkerton operative Katie Madison’s newest case takes her to Calico, Kansas, where two Harvey House restaurant waitresses were murdered in mysterious circumstances. Calico’s sheriff, Branch Whitman, has never met a Pink he liked and is stunned to learn the pretty redhead’s true identity as she works undercover as a Harvey girl. A tornado hits town, and a past deception puts Branch’s eight-year-old-son in danger. Now the Sheriff has no choice but to work with Katie—or chance losing everything he holds dear.
The seasoned writing of Margaret Brownley reaffirms that research, authenticity, and strong characters create a saga that you don’t want to miss. Once this book is in hand to read, the reader is advised to clear their calendar. This “clean” read combines elements of faith, mystery and romance into a high quality page-turner. This book is pure delight.

Calico Spy is a fast moving, fun mystery set in 1880 Kansas. Katie Madison makes an entertaining undercover investigator—full of wit, gumption and just a bit of clumsiness, which keeps things upbeat. This lighthearted mystery has just enough action to keep the plot exciting without being too much to lose the audience. Overall an enjoyable read for historical fiction fans.

Brownley wraps up her entertaining series (Petticoat Detective; Undercover Bride) with this third and final installment. These lighthearted books are perfect for historical romance fans who enjoy a fast-paced story flavored with faith and humor.

Brownley blends interesting characters and a plot filled with humor, intrigue, faith and— when the couple no longer let the past hold them back from a promising future—romance.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781628366280
320Pages / Publication Date: 20160101

Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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