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Ten :  How the Commandments Set Us Free

Author: Mark Mitchell 

The Ten Commandments. Do you see them as a strict set of rules with a punishment for disobedience? Do you think they are outdated, without meaning for us today? Or might they be a blueprint for your life, designed by a loving and gracious God? The law that He spoke into being on the mountainside so long ago is still active and applicable to our lives now. Mark Mitchell shows us how we can embrace both God’s law and His gospel of grace to find true freedom.
"Concise, discerning, and wise, Ten gets right to the heart of each commandment and then does needed surgery on my own heart."

"Everybody has heard of the ten commandments. We may even be able to recite them. Mark Mitchell shows that many of us misunderstand what God means by them. This concise, wonderfully written, and immensely practical book will do more than change your view the ten commandments, it might just change your life."

"Pastoral, practical, and pointed! Those words describe this outstanding application of the ten commandments to contemporary life. Read this book and find out how to experience God’s best."

"Mark Mitchell is an exceptional writer, a clear thinker, and an accomplished theologian who lays head and heart together. The book is filled with truth and grace. You will be instructed, but more importantly, you will be drawn toward righteousness as you read his book."

"Mark Mitchell’s insight into the Scriptures and their positive, practical application to our lives today brings new life to perhaps the least understood passage of God’s Word, His ten commandments. I learned a ton!"

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781627074865
128Pages / Publication Date: 20160201

Subject: REL012120-RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth,REL006210-RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Old Testament

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