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Prayers for Your Children

Discovery House


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Prayers for Your Children :  90 Days of Heartfelt Prayers for Children of Any Age

Author: James Banks 

Many parents have witnessed the power of faithful prayer over their child’s life, praying for health and healing from heartbreaks and for spiritual awakening and future direction. Inside Prayers for Your Children, pastor and author James Banks offers ninety accessible, Scripture-packed prayers you can pray for your kids during every season of their lives. Filled with heartfelt wisdom and truth, these ready-to-use prayers cover specific needs, including knowing Christ as Savior, loving the Lord and others, experiencing God’s protection, and walking in purity. Witness the power of prayer as you glean through the pages of this book and talk with God on behalf of your child.
"This book is a gift. I didn't realize how much I didn't know how to pray for my children until I held it in my hands! With wisdom and love, James Banks equips parents to love our children through prayer."

"James Banks has written a book that not only helps parents put the power of prayer into action, but will be a great scriptural guide to strengthen their devotional life."

"Nothing moves the heart of a parent more than the need of a child. Nothing moves the heart of God more than the cry of His children. Nothing ignites powerful prayer more than the truths of God’s Word. That’s why I love this book. My friend, James Banks, is a father who has prayed in earnest for his children and found his heavenly Father’s heart in the pages of the Word of God. Join him in this ninety-day journey of prayer that will undoubtedly be instructive, authentic, and truly inspiring."

"In Prayers for Your Children, James Banks lays out a simple plan for how to combine combustible elements--the power of God's Word, your faith in the Father, and your love for your children--so that prayer emerges as an explosive force that nothing can avert. Prayer can release the power of God into the cracks and crevices of a heart when nothing else can penetrate. Prayer can search out and disarm life's land mines before they detonate. Nothing is beyond prayer's powerful reach. This book will give you a practical plan for how you can discover fresh power in prayer for the lives of your children."

"James Banks writes from the heart of a father who knows what it’s like to pray for a prodigal to return home. From praying for your children to discover the power of prayer, to asking the Lord to give them faith that surpasses your own—James uses the power of Scripture to help you pray toward their eternal destinies. By using this book as a guide, you will not run out of kingdom prayers for your children."

"Thirty-eight years ago the Holy Spirit pressed me to pray every day for our four children. It wasn’t easy. There were times, sadly, that I failed. My prayers would have been wider, deeper, and richer had I had this wonderful resource by Dr. James Banks. I thank God for Prayers for Your Children. It will enhance and enrich my prayers as I now pray for twelve grandchildren."

"For every concern on behalf of your children, James Banks has beautifully crafted a sincere, tender lifetime resource to help you 'approach the throne of grace with confidence' (Hebrews 4:16)."

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781627073332
336Pages / Publication Date: 20150301

Subject: REL012080-RELIGION / Christian Life / Prayer,REL012030-RELIGION / Christian Life / Family

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