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Sharing the Truth in Love

Discovery House


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Sharing the Truth in Love :  How to Relate to People of Other Faiths

Author: Ajith Fernando 

As Christians, we have been called by Christ to serve Him in a multi-faith world. But how can we effectively relate to and share the gospel with people of other faiths? This outstanding cross-cultural guide to evangelism in the twenty-first century directs Christians to respond sensitively and wisely to the cultures and beliefs of non-Christians of any nation. Christians, with the love of Christ, must oppose deception with the truth of God's Word. This thought-provoking and inspiring book will convince readers of the distinctiveness of the Christian faith and spur them to be effective witnesses for Christ in the world today.
"Ajith Fernando is a writer from whom I've learned much and whose authenticity I greatly respect. In Sharing the Truth in Love, he does just that—sharing scholarly biblical exposition with a profound understanding that reaches across cross-cultural lines. His extensive study is well-researched and reinforced by a life of scholarship, of dialogue with other faiths, and ultimately, by a life of communicating the absolute uniqueness and beauty of the message of Jesus."

“In a world that is tossing aside absolute truth in favor of many paths to God, Ajith Fernando does a great service to the church with this cogent reminder: Jesus Christ is in a class by himself. With an astute intellect and passionate heart for the Lord, Ajith asserts the biblical truth that Christ is the only way to salvation.”

“This excellent, important, and readable book uniquely combines a thorough knowledge of other religions, a deep awareness of Christian truth, apologetic vigor, and evangelistic zeal.”

“Ajith Fernando understands how to communicate the gospel in a pluralistic society, having lived and worked all his life among people of different religions. With profound simplicity, yet theological precision, he gets to the heart of the matter. A master teacher, indeed. More significantly, he exemplifies in his own ministry what it means to share the truth of Christ in love.”

“This is the most helpful book I have read on cross-cultural evangelism. Ajith Fernando writes as he lives, seeing the world through the eyes of the Savior’s love.”

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Publisher: Discovery House 
ISBN: 9781627070744
336Pages / Publication Date: 20141101

Subject: REL030000-RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Evangelism,

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