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The Bible Amigos: Jonah and the Bear

Shiloh Kidz


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The Bible Amigos: Jonah and the Bear  

Author: Frank Fraser 

Join the three lovable Bible Amigos, Walla the koala, Donk the donkey, and Edge the hedgehog, as they take off on a giant flying Bible and land in the hearts of young readers. This brand-new book series for kids ages 3-7 is from Frank Fraser, a creative artist who has done work for Disney, PBS Sprout, and Starbucks, among many others. In the series, the three amigos carry God’s love and direction wherever their flying Bible takes them. Featuring plenty of fun, colorful, action-filled pictures, and scripture that comes to life, each Bible Amigos story shares key Bible truths for young readers. In Jonah and the Bear, kids will learn that God’s call to share makes perfect sense—and makes them happy when they obey!
If you take the Carpet from Aladdin, turn it into a book, and fly it into a cross between a Dora episode and The Magic Tree House books, you have a pretty good idea of this book.

The illustrations are primitive but amusing in this full color, hardcover book.  The story is about obeying God and sharing.

The book is aimed at children aged 3-7.  My reviewers are 4 and 7, and Hannah laughed at the rhyme, "So you're a bear that won't share, in a boat that won't float?"

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781624168871
48Pages / Publication Date: 20141101

Subject: JUV033080-JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / Early Readers,

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