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Big Bible Guide: Kids' Guide to Creation and Bible Animals

Barbour Books


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Big Bible Guide: Kids' Guide to Creation and Bible Animals :  Fun and Fascinating Bible Reference for Kids Ages 8-12

Author: Tracy M. Sumner, Jane Landreth 

Hey kids—here’s Bible reference you’ll actually want to read! It combines the colorful Kids’ Guide to God’s Creation and Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals into one volume for 8–12-year-olds. The first section discusses what God made on each day of creation week. The second section describes and pictures 99 animals of scripture, from ants to eagles, and grasshoppers to wolves. Fun and fascinating, this Big Bible Guide is brightly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, all in a colorful, kid-friendly design. It’s perfect for personal reading, Sunday school, and home schooling.



This fun resource is actually two books in one. First is “Kids’ Guide to Creation,” a day-by-day account of the creation week with loads of scientific information and fun facts about our universe, the earth, plants, animals, and humans. (The book is divided into chapters based on the days of the creation week.) The second book is “Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals,” a compilation of creatures found in Scripture. From ants to antelopes, hawks to hyenas, your kids will enjoy reading about all sorts of animals, birds, and bugs found in the pages of the Bible.
This book is printed in full color throughout and is filled with all sorts of photos from nature. It features a bright, fun layout. For the visual child, this book will be a feast for the eyes!
You could treat this book as a reference work, or it could be read cover to cover. “Kids’ Guide to Creation” is geared more toward reading straight through, while “Kids’ Guide to Bible Animals” is more like a reference. However you choose to use the book, it’s meant to be a fun and educational look at the world around us.
There’s a huge amount of information packed into this little book. A science-minded student will probably love it, while even a less scientifically inclined child might be drawn in by the colorful layout and fun presentation.
If you like to have plenty of educational books on hand that also happen to be fun and interesting, you’ll want to check this one out.

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781624168680
320Pages / Publication Date: 20140501

Subject: JNF049170-JUVENILE NONFICTION / Religion / Biblical Reference,

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