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Heartland Weddings

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Heartland Weddings :  Two Contempoary Romances Under One Cover

Series: Brides & Weddings  
Author: Jennifer Johnson, Cathy Liggett 

Come home to America’s heartland where love is worth a second look. Forced to reevaluate her womanizing boss since he became a Christian, Megan McKinney discovers that forgiving has nothing to do with forgetting and everything to do with love. Megan O’Donnell is a take-charge single mom of a handicapped child. When she’s paired with a cocky superstar pitcher at a sporting event for special needs kids, she dislikes him on sight. Until she loves him.

Wow! These are great stories! Both have real to life plots and are also long enough that you get to know and like the characters.

...I gave this book 5/5 stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys modern day Christian stories and romances.

As a huge fan of Christian romance fiction I have to say that this book was amazing. I felt as if I was right in the middle of both of the stories and could not put it down once I started reading. The second novellas storyline had a handicapped child in the mix and as a grandmother of two handicapped grandchildren the characters made the story even more heartwarming and definitely touched a heart string for me. I would recommend this book for anyone. Loved It!

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781624162381
640Pages / Publication Date: 20131001
Not available, publisher indicates OP

Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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