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God Hearts Me New Life Bible for Girls

Barbour Bibles


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God Hearts Me New Life Bible for Girls  

Author: Barbour Publishing 

Introducing the God “Hearts” Me New Life Version Bible in a trendy new format designed just for you. This unique scripture version features a limited vocabulary of 850 words to simply and clearly share God’s truth—making it the perfect Bible version for your young heart. This brand-new edition of the New Life Version provides the complete Old and New Testaments in a beautiful, flexible format—perfect for when you’re on the go!
This Bible is specifically geared for girls ages 10 and up. It has a limited vocabulary of 850 words. I was not certain how that would work. After careful examination, I truly believe it works for this application. These young readers are able to get into the Word and allowing them to soak up God’s Truth without being overwhelmed and frustrated. This Bible is not changing the message of the Bible; it is simply presenting it in a way that is accessible for these younger readers.

I would recommend this Bible. It allows girls to get into the Word and satisfy their hunger for the Word. It would make a great gift.

The language was easy to read, as intended by the translators.  The New Life Bible uses one word for the same word in Hebrew or Greek throughout all the occurrences of that particular word, and they only used 850 words for the entire vocabulary. 

The nice thing about this Bible is that is completely breaks down the Bible so that it is easy to understand and is in words that the reader can relate to.  This was a great Bible that I was glad to have had a chance to examine and is definitely one that I plan to share with my own daughter!

This is a great format to helping children grow in the knowledge of the Bible and apply it to their daily lives. The pages are printed in the color most treasured by most girls – pink.

I thought the questions asked and ideas presented in the devotional were spot on. After working in the church with children for the past twenty years I felt that this journal would help a child to grow in their faith and challenge them to consider tough Biblical questions.

All in all, I think that this is a wonderful set and that it would make a great gift for a young girl.

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781624162329
944Pages / Publication Date: 20130701
Not available, publisher indicates OP

Subject: BIB018010-BIBLES / Other Translations / Children,

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