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The 13: Stand

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The 13: Stand  

Author: Robbie Cheuvront, Erik Reed, Shawn Allen 

For fans of Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, and Joel Rosenberg...

The battle for America continues. . .but this time it’s from within. Having given up his soul’s fight against God and surrendered his life to Him, CIA operative Jon Keene works with the Prophet to heal the wounds of a broken America. But a new plot is brewing inside the borders of The 13 that could cripple the already vulnerable nation and bring the US to the brink of civil war. Then on the eve of what seems to be the end of America, a crisis occurs that rocks the entire world to its foundations.

Don't miss the beginning of the battle -- Read The 13: Fall

The story is an exciting journey around the country - and a look at a history that could be if America chooses to reject God’s direction as we move into the future.  It serves as a reminder that America is not a Christian country - but a country that will need to be led by Christians if it is to survive into the next century.

The authors’ attention to detail in how America has fallen was impressive... I love the fact that it is biblically centered, and that the authors used biblical instances of God’s wrath to preface what He is allowing to happen to America. The depth of the characters was notable, and their individual evolutions from the first book to the second book will connect every reader to at least one of them. There are very, very few books I consider giving a 5, and these two, in their entireties, are beyond-a-doubt worthy. Trying to contemplate the imagination of whoever wrote the ending of this particular book is mind-boggling.  That ending alone would have earned it.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781620299593
320Pages / Publication Date: 20131001
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Subject: FIC042060-FICTION / Christian / Suspense,

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