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What Should I Believe

Barbour Books


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What Should I Believe :  Is There Really a God. . .and Does He Care about Me?

Author: Phil A. Smouse 

When your kids ask the big questions—like “Who is God?” or “Where do I come from?”—find answers in What Should I Believe? Adults aren’t the only people asking those philosophical questions—and popular author and illustrator Phil Smouse gives the younger crowd (kids ages three to seven) Bible-based answers. Written in Smouse’s light, accessible style, What Should I Believe? is lavishly illustrated with fun and colorful drawings. Covering topics such as The Truth, The Lie, The Word, My Heart, Born Again, and Forgiven, What Should I Believe? serves as a perfect primer to the Christian life.



Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781620291955
256Pages / 

Subject: JNF049080-JUVENILE NONFICTION / Religion / Christianity,

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