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Mama Needs A Time-Out

Livingstone Books


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Mama Needs A Time-Out :  Daily Getaways for the Mom's Soul

Author: Heather Riggleman 

Need a time-out from your kids and a moment or two with God? Mama Needs A Time-Out is just for you. Filled with mirth, encouragement, and a transparent view of mothering, this inspirational devotional leads you through the names of God as you march through the trenches of motherhood. Whether you are a mother of preschoolers or toddlers, this book satisfies your soul and reminds you that you aren’t alone!

No other job requires our attention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a job expectancy of at least 18 years. We are pulled 1,000 different directions on a weekly basis. Between work, husbands, church, community, and kids, it’s a wonder that we are still sane! This leaves little time for our needs and nurturing our souls.

Mama Needs a Time-Out offers personal insight of going deeper with God. These short devotions help you laugh at life’s most embarrassing moments, provide a unique view of God being with you in the midst of your worst moments, and help put things back into perspective.

Mama Needs a Time-Out is your daily getaway, bookended by Scripture,  Heather’s "been-there-and-done-that"  transparency and tips for moms are a great way to refresh your spirit—you know, the sleep-deprived, squabbling-refereeing, hormone-wacked, woman your kids refer to as, “Mom." 

For more information and daily time-out moments of encouragement, visit www.heatherriggleman.com.

Publisher: Livingstone Books 
ISBN: 9781618431936
224Pages / Publication Date: 20120501

Subject: REL012020-RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional,

About The Author:

Heather Riggleman loves to share her passion and story of motherhood with other moms. She has received several awards and has been published in MOPS International online and Proverbs 31 Magazine and is the faith and co-founder of www.herviewfromhome.com. When she isn’t writing about her latest mothering experience, you can find her speaking to mom’s groups all across her grand state of Nebraska.

Heather Riggleman lives in Nebraska with her three children and husband. When she isn't writing her latest mothering experience, you can find her speaking to mom's groups all across the grand state of Nebraska. You can find more of Heather's real life experiences on her blog, Falling to Peace(s): Reflections on Grace, Letting Go & Imperfection at www.heatherriggleman.com

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