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KJV Marshall Complete Bible on MP3

AMG Publishers


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KJV Marshall Complete Bible on MP3  

Author: Christopher Marshall 

This high quality, digitally mastered MP3 CD is of exceptional quality. They are attractively packaged to keep the price low and to make them extremely affordable.
Enjoy hearing the complete Holy Bible King James Version while in the car, at home, or on the go, or in a personal or group Bible study. The limited lifetime warranty ensures years of listening pleasure.
It is our prayer is that this edition will be an inspiration for you to open God’s word and examine the scriptures for yourself; that these words will give you a moment of illumination that will forever change the way you look at God’s Word.

Publisher: AMG Publishers 
ISBN: 9781617154393
Publication Date: 20130801

Subject: BIB006000-BIBLES / King James Version / General,

About The Author:

Experience the the majesty of the Scriptures like never before. This beautiful narration presents the King James Version of the Bible with unique clarity and power.
Christopher Marshall’s reverence for God’s Word, combined with a lifetime of professional broadcasting experience, create an uplifting digital recording that will provide joy, comfort and inspiration.
Christopher Marshall lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife.

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