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The Yellow Packard

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The Yellow Packard :  A Novel

Author: Ace Collins 

Buckle up for intrigue and adventure in scenic Depression-era America. George Hall, a draftsman, buys a 1936 Packard sedan from the estate of spinster Abigale Watling in Oakwood, Illinois. At first, the car brings George, his wife Jean, and their daughter Rose an unexpected boon. But tragedy follows when Rose is kidnapped. The auto then comes into the possession of salesman William Landers, FBI agent Helen Meeker, and serviceman James Coffman’s family. As clues to the kidnapping caper come to light, more than one life is in jeopardy. Will Agent Meeker catch the culprit before it’s too late?
The latest novel from bestselling author Collins is a smooth ride into a kidnapping-murder, and the lives of a number of people connected to it through a mysterious car. Could the new 1936 yellow Packard be responsible for tragedies that wreck its owners’ lives? (At times the author has us wondering whether the car is a cousin of Stephen King’s “Christine.”) Or could the auto provide the answers they all need to find happiness? Master storytelling transports us down a scenic road where agent Helen Meeker tries to prove that a woman can cut it in J. Edgar Hoover’s old-boy’s club at the FBI, while faith and circumstance combine to shape lives during the years just prior to World War II. The deeply developed characters carpool in a high-octane plot. The only bump in the road comes when the story shifts from one owner of the car to another.

Are some cars built evil? Collins tantalizes with this question and incorporates his love of classic cars into his latest. It’s an unforgettable, fast-paced and memorable mystery with a splash of intrigue and some romance.

This novel appeals to a variety of readers. It features enough details about the Packard plant and the struggles of all auto companies through the depression to hook car enthusiasts. They will also relate to the fascination every owner has for the sporty Packard and the motto “ask the man who owns one.” The novel also appeals to mystery fans as they try to piece together the clues to solve a murder, a kidnapping and track down a most- wanted criminal. Female readers will relate to the battle FBI Agent Helen Meeker fights to get into “the men’s club.” Having Eleanor Roosevelt as an ally helps. Helen can relate to the anguish the Hall family goes through when their daughter Rose is kidnapped and the Packard is stolen along with the ransom money. She reveals to her FBI partner Reese that her younger sister was kidnapped and never found.

Ace Collins is the author and an avid collector of classic cars. Collin’s book would make a good Father’s Day present. When Dad puts it down, the rest of the family can enjoy the read.

The title is enticing as to the story it holds,eyeing the curves and the straight lines. THis book had you travel from the inside of a study to a small town that held memories, good bad and some that never wanted to surface.  I loved this story, it pulled me in almost without warning, I had to find a place to get comfortable as I was not letting it down.  The mystery was set up in a way the reader had to ask themselves, what is the real mystery? Everything was important and intriguing. The Yellow Packard itself, in its strength and beauty weaves a tale of love and loss.  This book is more than a good read it is a wold ride that never leaves you on the side of the road longing for a ride.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616267520
320Pages / Publication Date: 20121001
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Subject: FIC042030-FICTION / Christian / Historical,FIC027110-FICTION / Romance / Suspense

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