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Listening to God

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Listening to God :  Experience His Presence Every Day

Author: Bruce Bickel, Stan Jantz 

Life makes more sense when we understand the Bible better. And that’s what Listening to God, the newest book from Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz (Bruce & Stan), is all about. If God Himself were teaching you about the Bible, Christian living, the world, and the church, what would He say? Or how would He explain Himself, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit? Every day for an entire year, Listening to God presents a brief, easy-to-understand reading on one of these seven vital topics, as if God Himself is speaking. Over 12 months, you’ll learn basic principles and doctrines of the Christian faith, truths that will transform the way you see the world and live your life.


Listening to God is an excellent resource for Christians who are looking for meat rather than milk. It focuses primarily on Christian growth and can be used for both individual and group Bible study.


The farther I delved into the book, the more I wanted to keep going. It offers factual information, has depth, and is in no way watered down.


Listening to God challenged me and caused me to consider fresh aspects of the familiar gospel message.


In order to get the full benefit of the well-presented material, I encourage readers to allow ample time for prayer and reflection as they study.


Anita Corrine Donihue – author of When I’m on My Knees series

Authors Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz with their book Listening to God have provided us with a daily systematic way of stopping and “listening to God.” The format of the daily devotional is really neat as the authors break each day down with a reading about God and the things of God – for example, each Monday is a devotional about God. Tuesday is a devotional about Jesus, Wednesday - The Holy Spirit, Thursday - God’s Word, Friday – Your Life, Saturday – The World and finally Sunday is about The Church. For each new day there is a Scripture verse shared, an edifying thought and then a short devotional to get your heart and mind on the same “frequency” or “wavelength” as God’s so He can speak to you and you can listen to him and learn what it is that he wants you to learn. And learn from the devotional you will if you read the daily devotion, meditate on it and then put into practice what you have learned how ever it is applicable to you personally.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616266660
384Pages / Publication Date: 20120101
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Subject: REL012120-RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth,

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