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Cedar Creek Seasons

Barbour Books


Cedar Creek Seasons  

Series: Romancing America  
Author: Becky Melby, Eileen Key, Rachael O. Phillips, Cynthia Ruchti 

Romantic in every season of the calendar, charming Cedarburg, Wisconsin, works its magic on everyone. . .from free-spirited forty-something Willow, who meets her opposite; to twenty-five-year-old musician Francesca, who’s working with a man who sings off-key; and from silver-haired Claire, who gets surprised by a long-ago love; to thirty-something Beth, a shop owner who really doesn’t have time for a relationship. And be forewarned: you may leave your heart in Cedarburg, too!

Cedar Creek Seasons is easily one of my favorite Romancing America titles thus far. Each author infused her story with humor and hope. I also loved the little hints of the other novellas’ characters popping in here and there. This is a masterful collection you won’t want to miss.

Four lovely romances all in one pretty package! I love books that contain stories of a similar nature and this one didn't disappoint. Set in a small town in Wisconsin, the four stories each take on a setting of a season of the year. It really made me think about how different times of years and acts of nature shape our lives and the things we do and feel during those times!

I love these books published by Barbour! The four stories in this book take place in Wisconsin. Each story can be enjoyed alone but because the take place in the same town there is some cross over information. I enjoyed each story but liked the last story the best.  In that story a woman comes back to town to help her Grandfather with his store and a man comes back and opens a shop a few doors down. How they interact is written very well and their relationship is believable. The authors’ descriptions are so well done. I can’t wait to read more by her books and more by the other authors as well!

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616266455
352Pages / Publication Date: 20120901
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Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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