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Girl Talk

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Girl Talk :  180 Q&A (for Life?s Ups, Downs, and In-Betweens)

Author: Nicole O'Dell 

Have questions about life stuff—relationships, character, body image, fashion, gossip. . . ? Look no further! This fabulous resource offers trusted, biblically-based advice from popular author of teen fiction, Nicole O’Dell. 180 days of questions and answers plus related scripture selections will encourage and challenge your faith walk.

As a father of two girls this book is a great resource that I know my girls will enjoy as they get older. It is filled with so many valuable resources and questions and answers from real girls about real issues that are important to them. Whet I loved about the book was that it is written not only from the author Nicole O'Dell's point of view but that she incorporates her own daughter's thoughts as well and when you are reading the answers, you can clearly identify which voice is from whom. This is a must have book for any tween girl or their parent!

At first glance Girl Talk is like any of the dozens of other tween/teen advice books on the market. Friendships, body issues, boys, drugs and lying are just a few of the issues touched upon in the book. If it is discussed in a junior high lunch room, it is probably found in these pages.

Where Girl Talk veers off the well-beaten path is with the casual honesty found in the answers. O'Dell and her co-authors (tween and teen daughters) answer in a conversational tone, sharing bits of their personal life along the way. Their own experiences and struggles add another dimension to the answers.

While some of the topics may seem a bit mature for the tween set, a quick glance at the world around us confirms that is not the case. Sadly, childhood has become shorter and adult worries intrude at an earlier age. Parents may not want to face the reality, but if the kids are old enough to ask the questions, they are old enough to get answers.

My verdict: Gift it! I think this is a great book for Christian girls to have in their arsenal. It is not so much a book to read cover to cover, but something to keep and reference when worries bubble to the surface.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616265571
224Pages / Publication Date: 20120201

Subject: JNF049130-JUVENILE NONFICTION / Religious / Christian / General,

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