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Rose's Pledge

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Rose's Pledge  

Series: Harwood House  
Author: Dianna Crawford, Sally Laity 

Step back into the early days of America, where Rose Harwood and her sisters become indentured to the highest bidders. When Rose’s new owner takes her deep into Indian Territory, a young frontiersman named Nate Kinyon tags along, hoping to save Rose from the machinations of a grubby trader and the appraising looks of young braves. How much is he willing to pay—in dollars and sense—to redeem the woman he loves? And how much is Rose willing to sacrifice for his protection?
Well, this book had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time. I don't think I relaxed until the very last page. Rose's story of being sold as a bondwoman in the new American colonies is one of fear, trial, tragedy and loss. I held my breath as they traveled through Indian lands and felt emotion with Rose as she watched her old life slipping away and her new unknown life rising before her.

I loved the characters in this book and the way their stories weave together to make a historical picture you can jump in to. The authors did a great job with this story!

The authors do a good job of growing Rose's affection for her bondsman,
“Rose’s Pledge” is a great read, filled with drama, romance, history and suspense. I recommend this book highly. I am greatly looking forward to book two in the series.

Filled with suspense, action, and romance this book is a pleasure to read. Laity and Crawford unite together to bring the best of true historical fiction and sweet romance.

This is the first in a trilogy and I already have the second one queued up to read shortly. This will keep you up reading at night. The historical elements were, of course, my favorite part. Very well done!

I picked this book because I am a fan of historical fiction and was hoping for a good story. My hope was not in vain as the good story was definitely delivered upon.

If you are a fan of good writing and historical stories then this book is for you!

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616265526
320Pages / Publication Date: 20120101
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Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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