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Camellia :  Song of the River (2)

Series: Song of the River  
Author: Diane T. Ashley, Aaron McCarver 

Natchez belle turned riverboat maiden Camellia Anderson misses her old life of privilege. She misses the balls and she misses the suitors. . .then a chance to attend finishing school in New Orleans catapults her into an exciting world—and a whirlwind courtship with a dashing Confederate soldier. It’s beautiful, uncomplicated romance until a trip to Memphis brings old friend—and Northern spy—Jonah Thornton back into Camellia’s life. Now she’s torn between two loves, but will she risk everything to save a Union soldier?


This was an awesome and realistic book -- depicting the horrors of war, but also throwing in episodes of enjoyment and humor so as not to depress the reader. I loved the main AND secondary characters, and this may be read as a stand alone. I loved the fact that there is a strong spiritual thread of forgiveness, redemption, and salvation throughout this book. Very well written, Diane Ashley and Aaron McCarver!

The authors wrote their interactions so well I could almost hear their voices bantering back and forth.  I enjoyed the storyline and would recommend this book and series to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction Books!     

A powerful story from beginning to end. I have enjoyed this series and look forward to what these two writers have in store next. The characters are engaging and realistic. As the turmoil of the North and South grow stronger so does the risks taken by Camellia,Thad and Jonah. What an interesting and intriguing storyline!

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616265434
320Pages / Publication Date: 20121201

Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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