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A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills

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A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills  

Series: Brides & Weddings  
Author: Kim O'Brien 

David and Millie both have big problems. A widowed dentist with an almost-teen son, he’s being stalked by an amorous patient. Millie’s mom keeps sending her on blind dates, even though the café owner has trust issues. So when a lost filling lands Millie in David’s office, the two of them find a solution—a faux relationship. No one gets hurt and no one gets nagged. It’s a great plan—until they really start to care. Now what will they do?
After realizing that A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills is the classic story of a "faux relationship" that turns real, I knew that I had to give the novel a try. No matter how formulaic the plot, I usually love these type of storylines. While I anticipated that the main characters Millie and David would fall in love as they "un-dated" each other, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth that O'Brien wove into her novel. Millie harbors secrets from her past and struggles to trust others in relationships; and while David is a successful dentist, he does not know how to approach the problems that seem to be enveloping his eleven-year-old son. O'Brien did a wonderful job of addressing the concerns and challenges that many young teens and their parents face today; and I especially enjoyed the often comical input from David's housekeeper. Even more delightful was Millie's meddlesome, but fun-loving, mother and the encouragement that Millie often received from her "aunts". As a reader, I was drawn into Millie's and David's small-town lives in the the Black Hills of South Dakota as they encounter the ups and downs of everyday life, while trying to build a "faux" relationship.

Kim O'Brien gives us a delightful story that deals with letting others direct your life and shatter your dreams. It's a story about starting over and rebuilding a new life. Wisdom and inspiration is shared by many of the characters about having faith and trust in God. The story's ending is quite a surprise. Will Millie's dream be fulfilled after all? I laughed and cried through the book and really enjoyed the story. You should too!
Ms. O’Brien isn’t an author I’m familiar with, but I certainly hope more stories crafted by her find their way to my bookshelf in the future. Her touch was light as far as scriptures and prayers (which this reader appreciates) but it inspires and makes you think. It reaffirms the fact that you are not alone in your struggles with your faith.

This particular offering will charm and warm the reader’s heart. Happy reading,

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616264918
320Pages / Publication Date: 20110901
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Subject: FIC042040-FICTION / Christian / Romance,

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