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American Dream

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American Dream :  The New World, Colonial Times, and Hints of Revolution

Series: Sisters in Time  
Author: Colleen L. Reece, Norma Jean Lutz, Susan Martins Miller 

Girls are girls wherever they live—and the Sisters in Time series shows that girls are girls whenever they lived, too! This new collection brings together four historical fiction books for 8–12-year-old girls: history and Christian faith. Featuring bonus educational materials such as time lines and brief biographies of key historical figures, American Dream is ideal for anytime reading and an excellent resource for home schooling.


Visit the official Sisters in Time website at www.sistersintime.com


Four great stories for girls aged 8 to 12 to help them understand American history better while enjoying a wonderful story.  This book is written for a Christian audience and helps the reader learn important faith lessons. 

I wish they had these sorts of Christian fiction books when I was a pre-teen. These books are a wonderful way to not only enhance your child's sense of history but also to show them more about Christian faith. The books use actual key figures in the telling of the stories and have biographies of those figures at the end and also a time line and glossaries. What a wonderful addition to a home school library, but even a great addition for a child in secular school when they history class glosses over the reasons behind why things were done because that would involve the use of the word GOD! I'd say these were written for the 9-12 year old range, but if you have any reader that loves history..pick up this collection!!! The stories all feature girls this time around, but there are some boys involved so some boys may find it interesting. The stories are wonderfully written and will definitely keep the readers immersed in the book.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616264628
560Pages / Publication Date: 20110801
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Subject: JUV016120-JUVENILE FICTION / Historical / United States / Colonial & Revolutionary Periods,

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