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More Beauty, Less Beast

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More Beauty, Less Beast :  Transforming Your Inner Ogre

Author: Debora M. Coty 

If you ever wrestle with that out-of-control inner ogre that threatens to destroy the divinely beautiful princess hidden within, this witty and wise book is for you. With simple, practical tips for taming that nasty, unsightly beast, you’ll discover how to transform its unattractive snarl into inner and outer beauty—refashioned, revitalized, and renewed.

I recommend Debora Coty's MORE BEAUTY LESS BEAST: TRANSFORMING YOUR INNER OGRE. She'll hook you with the real deal about the middle years, and her style of teaching will not let you go. Using her special brand of humor, she provides an amazing view of life and shows you how much better it can be.

You will want to keep reading to the end and will return to this book often.

In addition, you'll want to check out Debora Coty's other devotionals, EVERYDAY HOPE (Barbour Books 2009) and TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED: INSPIRATION FOR CLIMBING OUT OF LIFE STRESS-POOL from Barbour Books August 2011).

More Beauty Less Beast is a must read! Filled with helpful advice it is a perfect gift for any woman from 18 to 80! The author, Debora Coty, writes in a very open and fun manner.

You will learn so much from reading this helpful book. The pages are filled with interesting topics like friendship between women, forgiving others, remembering to not judge the outward appearance of another and even taking the time to know yourself better.

Each topic discussed is related to learning how to accept who you are in Christ instead of comparing yourself to others. As we concentrate on Christ and put Him first, our priorities come in line with what He wants us to be.

I read through this book in one evening, as I could not wait to get to the next chapter and learn more. The authors’ sense of humor really makes this book fun to read. You will relate to many of her stories and examples. Reading this book will help you grow closer to the Lord!

Mrs. Coty kept me laughing throughout this book!


This book is hilarious! Prior to being contacted by Barbour Publishing to review this book, I was not familiar with Ms. Coty. Now I will be keeping an eye out for her titles! If you’re looking for a fun read or a gift for a favorite girlfriend, look no further! I am quite sure both of you will love it!

This book is for any woman who needs a little humor in her life and desires to feel beautiful.  Ms. Coty used amazing quotes and scripture to breathe life into the book.  She used God as the back bone, and her humorous writing to tickle your funny bone :-)  The chapters were short; so if I needed to have a quick uplift of my spirit I could.  Well written and beautifully poignant with a touch of humor made me enjoy this book thoroughly.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616263478
224Pages / Publication Date: 20120301
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Subject: REL012130-RELIGION / Christian Life / Women's Issues,

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