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SCENARIOS 5 & 6--Swept Away

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SCENARIOS 5 & 6--Swept Away :  2 Interactive Stories in 1

Series: Scenarios for Girls  
Author: Nicole O'Dell 

Decisions, decisions! How is a girl supposed to choose? Lessons of right and wrong are put to the test in the Scenarios series, where you can test your decision-making abilities in an eye-opening, but safe, way. Each book follows a character up to the point where she has to make an important, life-changing decision—then it’s your turn to choose. Will your choices lead to a happy ending?

...both novels in Nicole O’Dell’s Swept Away series confront the reader with very real situations through very lovable characters. I would recommend this series for middle and high-school-aged girls, especially as a wonderful teaching and character building tool.

I really enjoy the Scenarios series. They're not quite as complex as the Choose Your Own Adventure books from my childhood, but they still have that same feel. The author sets up the story and readers choose between two paths. Of course, I always read both paths and figure most readers would. It's a great way for teens to see how their choices do play out.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616262525
384Pages / Publication Date: 20110401
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Subject: JUV033000-JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / General,

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