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14 Secrets to Better Parenting

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14 Secrets to Better Parenting :  Powerful Principles from the Bible

Series: 14 Bible Secrets Series  
Author: Dave Earley 

Wondering how to raise great kids? Turn to the Bible’s book of Proverbs for guidance—that’s where author Dave Earley found many of his 14 Secrets to Better Parenting. From “Focus on Training” to “When You Have No Other Option, Keep Praying!”, these principles will help you create the kind of home environment conducive to raising successful children. “When our children were born over twenty years ago,” the author says, “I researched what the Bible had to say about parenting and made a list of principles. I considered writing my findings up as a book, but refrained from getting it published until our children were grown and I could see how the principles worked. Guess what? They work! We can joyously say today that all three of our boys are living lives that honor the Lord.”

"14 Secrets to Better Parenting" by Dave Earley is based on the Bible's book of Proverbs outlining the importance of instilling Wisdom, Humility, Prayer, and God's Word into our children's lives. Setting a Good Example and always putting God first is also addressed. While a lot of these principles have been written many times before in other books, Mr. Earley gives you perspective from his own experiences which I thought added more value. I recommend every parent read this one.

14 SECRETS TO BETTER PARENTING is a small volume, with information critical to today's parents. Be great for parents ad well as Sunday School, Bible Study and Parenting Classes.

The author continuously quotes scripture from Proverbs to keep his teaching scripture based. I highly recommend this book for newer Christians and especially parents that love application of scripture.

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Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
ISBN: 9781616262259
224Pages / Publication Date: 20110401
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Subject: REL012030-RELIGION / Christian Life / Family,

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