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You Can Do This

Oasis Audio


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You Can Do This :  Seizing the Confidence God Offers

Author: Tricia Lott Williford 

It's time to agree with God about who he says you are.

You are smart. You are kind. You are beautiful. And even if you've never thought so, you are confident. you have everything you need to begin. This is your story, your life, your moment.

I'm inviting you into the confidence conversation.

It's time to stop being unhappy with yourself. You can choose to stop second-guessing all of your decisions and commitments and wondering whether your life would be better if only you had chosen differently. I invite you to be present where you are - where God is! - and to embrace your life and live out your God-given gift of confidence.

Come join me in this audio, my friend. Let's talk about who you are. Let's hold hands and run hard into the glorious mess of it all. I don't know what challenges wait for you, but this I know for sure:

You can do this!

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781613759318
Publication Date: 20170620

Subject: REL012130-RELIGION / Christian Life / Women's Issues,

About The Author:

Author and narrator Tricia Lott Williford is a remarried widow, an author of three books, a writer, a teacher, a reader, and a thinker. Thousands of people daily enjoy Tricia's funny, poignant stories as she captures the fleeting moments of life on her blog at tricialottwilliford.com. She lives near Denver, Colorado, with her husband and two sons, and right at this moment, she is probably doodling in the margins on an overdue library book.

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