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The Ruby Moon

Oasis Audio


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The Ruby Moon  

Series: Thirteen  
Author: Trisha White Priebe, Jerry B Jenkins 

Much is at stake while the kingdom enjoys the greatest games on earth.

The castle is buzzing with excitement as preparations begin for the upcoming Olympiad. Everyone knows the queen is still on the hunt for the king’s rightful heir, and kids begin mysteriously disappearing from the castle.

When Avery learns that a male runner is needed for an important race in the Olympiad, she volunteers so she can get close to the action. Will she be able to hide her true identity... or will she be discovered? One slip-up could mean a trip to the dungeon — or worse.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781613759110
Publication Date: 20170502

Subject: JUV001000-JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General,JUV033040-JUVENILE FICTION / Religious / Christian / Action & Adventure

About The Author:

Jerry B. Jenkins, former vice president for publishing at Moody Bible Institute of Chicago and currently a member of the board of trustees, is the author of more than 175 books, including the best-selling Left Behind series.

Trisha White Priebe is a wife, mom, writer, and shameless water polo enthusiast. She also serves as an assistant to Jerry B. Jenkins.

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