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Meals from Mars

Oasis Audio


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Meals from Mars :  A Parable of Prejudice and Providence

Author: Ben Sciacca 

It's hard to talk about race and reconciliation. It helps to have a story we can all wrap our heads around...

Jim fumbled for the door lock, but it was too late. Malik had jumped inside. Malik didn’t remember pulling the gun out of his waistband, but now it was pointed straight at Jim.

“C’mon, man!” Malik yelled as he half-ducked under the dash. “They’re gonna kill me! Get us outta here!”

So begins a night of tension, anxiety, and difficult conversations for Malik, a young black man from the inner city, and Jim, a middle-aged white man from the suburbs. Brought together by tragic circumstances, they must learn to trust each other through mutual understanding, which means looking past their prejudices to truly see each other...

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781613758809
Publication Date: 20170201

Subject: REL012110-RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues,

About The Author:

Ben Sciacca is executive director of Restoration Academy, a K–12 Christian school in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the author (writing as Judah Ben) of Kai’Ro: The Journey of an Urban Pilgrim.

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