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8 Great Smarts

Oasis Audio


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8 Great Smarts :  Discover and Nurture Your Child's Intelligences

Author: Kathy Koch 

Your child is smart, but does your child believe it?

"Smart" is a power word. Children who believe they’re smart excel more in school and approach life with greater confidence. But children who don’t can struggle to apply themselves. Do you wish your child could see how smart he or she is?

Find hope in 8 Great Smarts. You’ll be empowered and equipped with new language and creative ideas for how to:

• Accept and affirm your child’s unique smarts
• Motivate your child to learn and study with all 8 smarts
• Reawaken any “paralyzed” smarts
• Redirect misbehavior in new, constructive ways
• Guide your child spiritually, relationally, and to a good career fit


Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781613758762
Publication Date: 20161122

Subject: REL012030-RELIGION / Christian Life / Family,PSY023000-PSYCHOLOGY / Personality

About The Author:

Dr. Kathy Koch is the founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., of Fort Worth, Texas. She speaks to parents, educators, and children of all ages on the topics in this book and her three others: Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness, Screens and Tears, and No More Perfect Kids, coauthored with Jill Savage.

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