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In Our Backyard

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In Our Backyard :  Human Trafficking in America and What We Can Do to Stop It

Author: Nita Belles 

Modern slavery is happening all around you . . . and you can be part of the solution.
Human trafficking is not just something that happens in other countries. Nor is it something that just happens to “other people,” such as runaways or the disenfranchised. Even kids in your own neighborhood can fall victim. But they don’t have to.
Through true stories and expertise from her many years of boots-on-the-ground experience, anti-trafficking expert Nita Belles teaches you everything you need to know about human trafficking in the United States, helping you identify risk factors, take practical steps to keep your loved ones and neighbors safe from predators, and recognize trafficking around you, so that you can help fight it.

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781613757130
Publication Date: 20150526

Subject: SOC000000-SOCIAL SCIENCE / General,REL012110-RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues,SOC059000-SOCIAL SCIENCE / Prostitution & Sex Trade

About The Author:

Nita Belles has worked with victims and survivors of domestic violence for many years. Presently, as the Central Oregon Regional Director for Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans (OATH), she focuses on helping victims and survivors of human trafficking and raising awareness about modern-day slavery. A former associate pastor, she holds a master's degree in theology with a concentration in women's concerns.

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