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Pressure Points

Oasis Audio


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Pressure Points :  Twelve Global Issues Shaping the Face of the Church

Author: J.D. Payne 

Today, the mission of the church faces more challenges than ever before.

From poverty to globalization, and the increased presence of pornography in our day-to-day lives, today’s world is filled with pressures that challenge our faith. While the church does not have control over the issues facing each generation, her response to them is a matter of kingdom stewardship.

In Pressure Points, J.D. Payne gets to the heart of twelve of the most important challenges we face today, raising awareness of realities that will influence the church for decades to come. J. D. helps us understand how we can prevent these global issues from pushing the church off her biblical moorings. Pressure Points gives us the tools to absorb the pressures of society while responding in a way that remains faithful to the church’s calling and mission. Despite all the challenges, some of the greatest days for kingdom advancement are ahead. After all, it is what we do with the pressures we face that shape the path we take as the bride of Christ.

Topics include:
• Unreached people groups
• The West as a mission field
• Growth of the Majority World church
• Pluralism and the plurality of faiths
• International migration
• Poverty
• Growth of the cities
• Children and youth
• Health care
• Oral learners   

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781613755365
Publication Date: 20130716

Subject: REL108030-RELIGION / Christian Church / Leadership,REL108000-RELIGION / Christian Church / General

About The Author:

J. D. Payne (Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as the pastor of church multiplication with The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama. He has pastored churches in Kentucky and Indiana, and he served as a seminary professor for a decade. He is the author of several books on missions and evangelism. J. D. and his wife, Sarah, live in Birmingham with their three children, Hannah, Rachel, and Joel.

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