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A Hero's Throne

Oasis Audio


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A Hero's Throne  

Series: An Ancient Earth  
Author: Ross Lawhead 

"Knights of Ennor — the time has come to awake. Rise up to fulfill your secret oath and sacred duty." Deep beneath the streets of England lies another realm . . . one few in our modern world know exists. Daniel and Freya, however, know it all too well. Eight years ago, these friends first journeyed through portals into the hidden land of Niðergeard — discovering a city filled with stones, secrets, and sleeping knights that serve to protect the world they call home. But Niðergeard has fallen to dark forces, overrun by its enemies. Gates are being opened between the worlds that should have been kept closed. The battle lines for the war at the end of time have been drawn, and opposing forces are starting to gather. Having served for centuries as the first and last outpost at the borders to other worlds, Niðergeard must be reclaimed and the mystery of its fall discovered. Daniel and Freya, along with an ancient knight and a Scottish police officer, must return to the legendary city, rally the surviving citizens, and awaken the sleeping knights — knights who are being killed, one by one, as they sleep. But time is running out faster than they know.
"The second book in The Ancient Earth trilogy begins eight years after the first adventure ends. Freya and Daniel, now grown up, once again find themselves sucked into the underground world of Nioergeard. With the help of ancient knights, immortals, and a well-informed Scotts police officer, they try to save the world from all sorts of fantastical villains. With well over 20 different characters popping in and out of the story, this is a major undertaking for narrator Gary Dikeos. He excels at vocal distinctions and provides accents for Scots, German, and Norwegian knights as well as for characters of all ages and genders who speak dead and modern languages. Listeners are advised to read the series in order." 
S.M. © AudioFile Portland, Maine

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781613753514
Publication Date: 20130101

Subject: FIC042080-FICTION / Christian / Fantasy,FIC009020-FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

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