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Night with a Perfect Stranger

Oasis Audio


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Night with a Perfect Stranger :  The Conversation That Changes Everything

Author: David Gregory 

Nick Cominsky’s spiritual life is running on empty. With his passion diluted by religious routine and the sapping circumstances of everyday life, he longs to reconnect with God, but following the standard spiritual prescriptions just isn’t working. Since when did loving God become such an overwhelming, tedious task? After meeting Jesus in person under amazing circumstances six years ago, Nick figured life would be smooth sailing, not coasting downhill. Why didn’t Jesus tell him how to make the Christian life work? Just when Nick is stopped dead in his tracks—stranded on the side of the highway with an empty gas tank and miles to go—he finds himself in rich company once more. Jesus has returned to give Nick the refueling he desperately needs. And like their first meeting, it’s not at all what he expects. “You must know, in the depths of your being, how deeply you are loved.” On a highway of unusual adventures, Nick finds that a Night with a Perfect Stranger might be just what he needs to make it back home.   

Publisher: Oasis Audio 
ISBN: 9781613750469
Publication Date: 20120306

Subject: REL012070-RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth,FIC000000-FICTION / General,REL000000-RELIGION / General

About The Author: David Gregory is the author of the New York Times Extended Bestseller Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, as well as A Day with a Perfect Stranger, The Next Level, The Last Christian, and coauthor of the nonfiction The Rest of the Gospel. After a ten-year business career, David earned masters degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and the University of North Texas. He now writes full-time and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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