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Parenting without the Power Struggles



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Parenting without the Power Struggles  

Author: Foster Cline, Jim Fay 

Through the miracle of birth, parents are given a tiny, defenseless babe totally dependent on them for every physical need. They have a mere eighteen years at most to ready that suckling for a world that can be cruel and heartless. That child’s success in the real world hinges in large part on the parents. Just thinking about raising responsible, well-rounded kids sends a sobering shiver of responsibility right up the old parental spine.

But all is not so bleak. There’s hope, shining beacon-bright, at the end of the tunnel of parental frustration. Parenting doesn’t have to be drudgery. Children can grow to be thinking, responsible adults. This booklet, excerpted and adapted from the best-selling Parenting with Love and Logic, was designed to help parents and kids establish a rewarding relationship built on love and trust. What a deal! By parenting with Love and Logic, mothers and fathers can do away with the power struggles and put the fun back into parenting.   

Publisher: The Navigators 
ISBN: 9781612916149
64Pages / Publication Date: 20131001

Subject: REL012030-RELIGION / Christian Life / Family,

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