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The Truest Thing about You



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The Truest Thing about You :  Identity, Desire, and Why It All Matters

Author: David Lomas, D. R. Jacobsen 

There are true things about us and there are truer things. David Lomas invites readers to move beyond what may simply be true to the truest thing, discovering a real identity in Christ.
We are all bundles of competing desires and half-true labels. We arry them around like scars; we carry them around like badges. They tell us we are no more than a job description, relationship status, or appearance. But the most important and truest identity of every Christian is that they are loved, accepted, and created in the image of God.
In The Truest Thing about You, Lomas addresses head-on the deepest questions of the soul: How can I know the truest thing about me? Not who I wish I was or who others say I am, but who am I really? He guides readers to uncover and embrace the reality of how God sees them—and why it all matters.
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Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781610457736
Publication Date: 20140201

Subject: REL012040-RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational,REL012070-RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth

About The Author:

David Lomas serves as the lead pastor at Reality in San Francisco, a church community that started in 2010 in the Castro District. He and his wife, Ashley, live in one of the most unchurched cities in the nation, but one that is bursting with new life and God’s grace. The Reality family of churches is a growing movement committed to relational church planting and serving the broader body of Christ.

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