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Give & Take



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Give & Take :  The Secret to Marital Compatibility

Author: Willard F. Harley 

Most couples begin marriage blissfully compatible and deeply in love. But they usually don't stay that way. Why? In Give and Take you will find out why you and your spouse may have lost the compatibility you started with. The Dr. Harley will show you how to restore it, making you not only compatible, but also as much in love with each other as you ever were.

You will learn to give what your spouse needs most in marriage, and take what you need most in return. Find out:
  • How couples fall in and out of love
  • Why marital negotiation is so tough
  • How to overcome selfish demands
  • How to get your spouse to meet your needs
  • How to resolve everyday conflicts
By learning to give and take fairly and effectively, you and your spouse can grow in love and compatibility.
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Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781610457699
Publication Date: 20130901

Subject: FAM030000-FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage & Long Term Relationships,FAM029000-FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Love & Romance

About The Author:

Willard F. Harley, Jr. is a nationally acclaimed clinical psychologist, marriage counselor, and bestselling author. His popular website, www.marriagebuilders.com, offers practical solutions to almost any marital problem. Dr. Harley and his wife, Joyce, host a three-hour live radio call-in show called Marriage Builders Radio and Marriage Builders Weekends across the country. They live in Minnesota.

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