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On the Grace of God



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On the Grace of God  

Series: A Book You'll Actually Listen To  
Author: Justin S. Holcomb 

Packed with big truth, this little book on God’s grace can be read in roughly one hour, ensuring you’ll actually read it. Justin Holcomb, pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle and executive director of the Resurgence, highlights Scripture’s recurring emphasis on humanity’s desperate need and God’s extravagant grace. Holcomb convincingly demonstrates that grace—most powerfully manifested in the person and work of Jesus Christ—is the foundational theme and primary message of the whole Bible. An appendix succinctly summarizes how God’s grace is evident in each book of the Bible.

Part of the Re:Lit line, these inexpensive and accessible books give clear, biblical answers to difficult theological questions and controversies. Through this series, readers will get a solid and simple introduction to biblical concepts by investing just a little time.

“God’s amazing grace in Christ is ‘the power of God unto salvation,’ not only for the world but for the church and for life-long believers. Read this book and you’ll be washed with ‘wave upon wave’ of the best news you’ll ever hear.”
Michael S. Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“What is the Bible really all about? On the Grace of God gets right to the point—grace, and more grace, for the undeserving. From cover to cover, this is the great message of the Bible, and Justin Holcomb proves it. If you are ready to believe the unbelievable, read this book. It will change you.”
Raymond C. Ortlund Jr., Lead Pastor, Immanuel Church, Nashville, Tennessee

On the Grace of God is a liberating study on something we can never get enough of—the startling and magnificent grace of God. In Jesus, John tells us, we have been given ‘grace upon grace.’ This book helps pour that grace upon grace on the heart of the reader, filling it with hope and joy in believing.”
Sally Lloyd-Jones, author, The Jesus Story-Book Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

“Amidst all the world religions and belief systems, grace is what makes Jesus followers different. There’s nothing that can stop a heart that’s been overwhelmed by grace. This book is a must read!”
Jefferson Bethke, author, Jesus>Religion

“The message of this book should never get old. Sinners saved by such astonishing grace will marvel for a lifetime that they've been rescued by such a God. More than that, we will marvel for all eternity at the personal manifestation of grace in the face of Christ Jesus. Go ahead now, sit yourself down with this book, get ready for heaven, and make yourself of more earthly good by meditating on the mind-stretching grace of God in which we are chosen, called, born again, justified, adopted, sanctified, glorified, and ushered into the very relationship with the God-man for which we were made. It is all of grace.”
David Mathis, executive editor, desiringGod.org; elder, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Twin Cities, Minnesota

“This book offers a clear, concise, and compelling presentation of the grace of God. Many point grace out, and some might test it with their toes, but my friend Justin Holcomb is ever swimming in it, inviting all to join him. This will be now my go-to book recommendation on the subject.”
Dustin Kensrue, singer and guitarist, Thrice

“Justin introduces great theologians to the reader in the same way he would introduce neighbors to one another at a backyard barbeque. Through relaxed conversation, Justin invites the authors of Scripture and great Christian thinkers to sit with the reader in the presence of the touchable and knowable God of grace. Simple but scholarly, On the Grace of God is that book you will want to put into the hands of everyone you know—those who do not yet trust Christ as Savior and those who do.”
Judy Dabler, Reconciliation Specialist and Founder, Live at Peace Ministries; coauthor, Peacemaking Women: Biblical Hope for Resolving Conflict

On the Grace of God right-side-ups the upside-down-ness of our brokenness and broken thinking about God and his love. Since the Bible will not let us have virtuous ideas detached from their embodiment in Jesus—‘God is love,’ ‘he himself is our peace,’ ‘I am the truth’—Justin Holcomb will not offer anything less than the glorious Jesus either. Brilliantly, honestly, and passionately, this book bleeds the gospel.”
Jared C. Wilson, pastor, Middletown Springs Community Church; author, Gospel Wakefulness

“My friend Justin Holcomb wholeheartedly believes that the gospel of grace is way more drastic, way more offensive, way more liberating, way more shocking, and way more counterintuitive than any of us realize. He understands at the deepest level that there is nothing more radically unbalanced and drastically unsafe than grace. It is high time, in my opinion, for the church to embrace sola gratia (grace alone) anew. No more ‘yes grace, but . . .’. No more fine print. No more conditions, qualifications, and footnotes. And, especially, no more silly cries for ‘balance.’ It is time to get drunk on grace. Two hundred-proof, defiant grace. Justin understands that grace is scandalous and scary, unnatural and undomesticated. But he also knows that it’s the only thing that can set us free and light the church on fire.”
Tullian Tchividjian, Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church; author, Jesus + Nothing = Everything

On the Grace of God is just what we’ve needed: a scripturally rooted and deeply compassionate survey of how God’s uncompromising love for sinners shines through the entire biblical narrative. How Justin Holcomb pulled off such a comprehensive feat in so few pages is a refreshing testament not only to his great learning and wisdom but also to his passion for reaching everyday men and women. Anyone looking to be encouraged by the unchanging and life-saving reality of God’s grace in Jesus Christ should look no further.”
David Zahl, Director, Mockingbird Ministries; editor of The Mockingbird Blog www.mbird.com

“Holcomb brings great understanding of God’s grace and love—a love undeserved and unconditionally given through the only one Christ Jesus. On the Grace of God is an eye-opening, biblically-rooted telling of the love story between God and his people. Where love and grace that are many times misunderstood or misinterpreted, Holcomb sheds light on what God’s true grace looks like.”
Jake Luhrs, lead-singer, August Burns Red

“Paul’s stated mission was ‘to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.’ As twenty-first century believers, that is our mission as well. But in order to do that, we must know God’s grace ourselves. This book is a fresh reminder of how wonderful, matchless, and amazing is the grace of Jesus, a grace that is greater than all our sin. I was blessed in reading it and am sure you will be too.”
Brian Brodersen, Associate Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California

This book will cause you to laugh and dance not because it is a wonderful book (even though it is) but because it’s all true… almost too true to believe. I know of no voice that speaks so clearly about God’s grace than that of Justin Holcomb. Read this book and you will join me in “rising up and calling him blessed” for having written it. And then give it to everybody you know and they will rise up and call you blessed for having done so.
Steve Brown, Professor of Practical Theology Emeritus, Reformed Seminary, Orlando; radio teacher, Key Life

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Publisher: christianaudio.com 
ISBN: 9781610456661
Publication Date: 20130601

Subject: REL012120-RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth,

About The Author:

Justin S. Holcomb (PhD, Emory University) is a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle and the executive director of the Resurgence. He also serves as adjunct professor of theology and culture at Reformed Theological Seminary and is the coauthor of Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault.

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