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Notes on Nursing

Mission Audio


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Notes on Nursing  

Author: Florence Nightingale 

Notes on Nursing is a classic by Florence Nightingale (the first modern nurse). Florence Nightingale's methods were revolutionary in her time, and they form the basis for the techniques of patient management that have been taught ever since. Notes on Nursing is a great overview, in her own words, of Florence Nightingale's ideas on care, cleanliness, and the nursing process in general. Her directives are widely applicable today. First published in 1860, Notes on Nursing served as the cornerstone of the curriculum at the Nightingale School and other nursing schools established. It also sold well to the general reading public and is considered a classic introduction to nursing. Florence Nightingale spent much of her life promoting the establishment and development of the nursing profession and organizing it into its modern form. Anyone interested in the healthcare process, nursing, or notable women in history would do well to read Notes on Nursing.

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Publisher: Mission Audio 
ISBN: 9781610452298
Publication Date: 20110801

Subject: MED058000-MEDICAL / Nursing / General,

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